The Italian company PAGANONI, Division of MARIO NAVA S.p.A., has specialized in performing wear resistant coatings on mechanical parts for drawing machines. The company started in the 70s and developed on the basis of deep research and tests in the field.

PAGANONI is specialized in the manufacturing of a wide range of products assembled on wire drawing machines (blocks, rolls, pulleys, rings, cones, etc) . The exceptional wear-resistance of our materials allows drawing any kind of metal wire (steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, CO2 welding wire, etc ) with excellent results in terms of life and quality of the wire :

  • KERBLACK® is a highly specialized chrome oxide-based coating mostly used against wear and seizing for mechanical parts in the dry wire-drawing process.
  • WOLSIDE® is a top quality "melted" super-compact hard metal (HIP), based on special tungsten carbides.
  • KERSINT® is a super-sintered ceramic material made of zirconium oxide and special mineral compounds.

In addition to that, we can recondition the worn out parts, whenever possible, with the reconstruction of all the necessary geometrical values.


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