Traxit International

GmbH are always at the forefront of product innovation and have been providing the wire drawing industry with a complete range of lubricants to suit all types of wire for all applications, since 1881. Currently one of the largest manufacturers of drawing lubricants, coatings and emulsions, TRAXIT operate from its manufacturing bases in Germany, China and the United States.

In January 2011 we have launched our new R & D Centre which assures already innovative and boron free lubricants. This centre enables TRAXIT also to find fast solutions for our customers and their new developments and optimize the performance of the existing production.

Our innovative and superior products offer the following improvements over some of the traditional boron containing products :

  • Longer die life
  • Higher drawing speeds
  • Reduced wire breaks
  • Reduced drawing temperatures
  • Sodium based lubricants with less moisture pick up

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